Well,It's a Step at Least

I updated my Harry/Ginny story, Rain. I wanted to get back into the swing of writing before I tried to tackle Hold Me Close. I have a little challenge for everyone. I am thinking of bringing in an OFC, namely a new love interest for Ron. I have been tossing some ideas around, and I am having a hard time choosing her character. So if anyone reads this, which I hope they do, send me an email letting me know which character should be introduced in my next chapter.

Aibreann: A redheaded Irish girl from a very large family. She is the youngest of seven girls. Her favorite team is also the Canons (who else would it be?). She is a couple of years older than the bunch, an Auror's apprentice to be exact. (sort of like an intern) She is a tomboy, and keeps her red hair pulled back in a ponytail.

Stacy: Blonde hair, blue eyes, lives in London, also a quidditch fan, but for an opposing team to the Canons (which I thought could lend some interesting discussions between the pair). She is not a tomboy perse, but not very girly either. She is also a few years older, also Auror's apprentice.

Tasha: Lives in America, black, also a quidditch fan (Canons), Muggleborn (which gives her points in Arthur's book) Same age and job as the other two.
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So I figured it was about time to post in this thing....

First I just want to make it clear that I am not abandoning Hold Me Close. It's been a difficult story for me to write lately, because of the subject matter. I recently lost a baby due to ectopic miscarriage. It has been hard for me to write about pregnancy because of it, but I plan to pick up the story soon. Thank you to my readers for all the kind reviews, and I hope that you come back once I start writing it again.